Paleo Lasagne

#Paleo | So I bet you could see this coming a mile off…this week I’ve made bolognese sauce and béchamel sauce…which obviously come together best in a lasagne!  It’s one of those foods that I miss, and to be honest I’ve never cooked before, mainly because I thought it was too time consuming.  Well the answer to… Read More
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Banana Crumb Cake

#Crumb | Delicately moist and speckled with bits of dark chocolate, we’ve given banana bread an upgrade with a buttery pecan crumb topping. The formula for a ‘good banana bread’ runs something like this; savory but not so savory that you want it with dinner, but never quite sweet enough to be passed off as a ‘proper’…Read More
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Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers

#Christmas Tree | These Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers are a simple and festive way to decorate a dozen cupcakes for the holidays.  I don’t know why but the older I’ve gotten the less patience I have for complicated baking projects. I’ll bake a simple cake but not decorate it. Or I’ll make some cute decorations like these Christmas…
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